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Morsel, Stanford Dish

D228_20140307_Dish_0965WEB I'm always getting annoyed at squirrels in my backyard because they jump on the bird feeder and knock out the food meant for the birds, though I must admit, they can be entertaining to watch. They are such devious fellows always managing to get to the treats no matter how hard you try and deter them. Must be racking up some serious Darwin points for their smarts. This one is kind of cute, too.

1/500s, f/6.7, ISO 200, 300.0 mm

Pecked Wood, Stanford

D53_Woodpecker Not sure why this is called a "Hairy" Woodpecker, but I love his red hat. The pecked wood is pretty cool also. For some reason, Woody Woodpecker just came to mind and especially the annoying cartoon jingle. It's amazing what useless stuff still lives in my brain.

Correction: This just in. According to my mom, this is an Acorn Woodpecker. I think she's right. It has a "conspicuous white rump" (from Peterson).