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Triple Lakes Trail, Denali NP

D68_DenaliHike We did part of the Triple Lakes trail starting from the Denali visitor center. There was a fire in the Fairbanks area which caused it to be hazy, but still a lovely hike. Denali National Park is sub-arctic so only a handful of trees are able to grow this far north. The pines that grow are either black or white spruce and they are very spindly and ratty looking. I guess if you only have 3 months to do all your growing, you don't get that big, fat Christmas tree thing going. I liked the look of them anyway.

Christmas in August, Denali NP

D62_Caribou While on my vacation in Alaska, I got behind on my daily posts. Partly because the cell service was sketchy in most areas, plus we crammed a lot of activities in, so downtime was scare. At first I thought well I will just post several weeks worth of pictures in one day to make up for the lost time, but I decided I didn't like that idea because you lose the fun of choosing and looking at one photo a day. Instead I'm going to post 2 pictures a day for the next few weeks and catch up on my 365 project that way.

First up from Alaska, this lovely caribou, also know as a reindeer. I love the fuzzy antlers. Caribou are the only deer in which both male and female have antlers, though only some females have them. According to our guide, the males usually shed their antlers in the fall to mid-winter, while the females can retain their antlers until as long as April. Guess what people, santa's sleigh is being tugged by the females. Of course it is.

We saw this lady on our bus ride into Denali National Park.

Wait: This just in from a responder, something hanging down there between the legs. OK, we saw this fellow...