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Sketchy, Yosemite Falls

D277_1180128YosFallsWEB The cell service in Yosemite was sketchy so I missed my posts, however, the lack of service really was a gift.

The flow in Yosemite Falls was not voluminous so people were leaving the pedestrian bridge and climbing over the rocks to get to the mist. This also seemed sketchy to me in that urban dictionary sense. I'm always amazed at what folks will do for a photo.

The Photographer, Oakland

D275_1100290MyShootWEB Wait a minute, who is shooting whom here?! This guy caught me taking a picture of him taking a picture of the wedding and made some comment that I couldn't quite catch. I was proud of myself for taking a risk and shooting people (which I struggle with), and I did indeed capture a moment. Oh, and I thought his choice of backgrounds for this lovely couple was a bit on the busy side. I hope they like his photos.