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Silent Disco, Edinburgh

Grown people, wandering the streets with headphones on, listening to music only the headphoned-people can hear, singing at the top of their lungs mostly off-key. Yep, that's silent disco. I first encountered this at a music festival called Bottlerock. All these people with headphones on were dancing wildly but as an onlooker, I could not hear what they were moving to. When I went to the Edinburgh Fringe festival last summer, I had to try it for myself. What a kick. The guy in orange is our fearless leader and he led us around town and told us what moves to make so we were in sync. Here we are having a sing-off between two groups, singing "We are the Champions" by Queen. As you can see, the onlookers are a little perplexed. Super fun way to pass some time. Try it, you may like it.