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Road Signs, Ireland

D213_P8140026Sign1WEB As my final post from Ireland, I'm showing a few road signs. I always find it amusing to see what kind of signs they have in other countries. Which Way? above is typical of the sign you see coming to a crossroads in a small town. How are you supposed to take all that in as you come up to the intersection?

The driving in Ireland keeps you on your toes. First-off you open the left front door to hop in and realize the steering wheel is on the right. I never got used to this and kept opening the left door. So, you are steering from the right side of the car and driving on the left side of the road basically trying to ignore 30-some-years of driving instincts on these ridiculously narrow roads. Many have no room for 2 cars to pass each other. Imagine driving down your basic country road with no shoulder, some jagged bushes brushing you on the left, some harrowing cliffs daring you to make a mistake on the right, and a huge tour bus coming at you. The speed limit on these roads is often 80 or 100 kph. Let's just say driving does not leave you in a relaxed state. Got Guinness?