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Over Half Way, Time to Regroup

I am over half way through my 365 project.  I have posted 198 days. It's time for me to regroup and come up with some new goals for the second half of my project. I'm taking a photography course called Digital Photography: Aesthetics and Technics at Stanford Continuing Studies that I hope will help me focus on some specifics. I've been reflecting on some of the things I've learned in the first half of the project. I have certainly gotten much better at understanding and changing my camera settings including advanced settings. I have also done a lot of comparisons on how different settings effect an image. There are still some things I want to learn but I've come a long way. I learned many lessons from all the mistakes I've made.

I've gotten much better at looking at images and knowing what I like and don't like. I'm no longer afraid to prune and press delete. If I get a few good shots during a session, I'm happy. I've had a great time photographing in the Baylands, but I'm ready to branch out and find new subjects.

I've gotten comfortable with Photoshop and Bridge and doing the basics, but now I need to take it step further and really learn what the program has to offer.

For now I'm taking a few weeks off from shooting and posting to focus on a health issue but I'll be back.