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Sunrise from Kealia Pond, Kihei

D160_KealiaSunrise One morning I went to Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, a coastal salt marsh located in Kihei near where we were staying. I got there before sunrise hoping to get some good photos and to see some birds. The sunrise was beautiful and I did get some lovely shots but there were very few birds at the refuge or anything else for that matter. The only wildlife I saw were a few A'eo (Hawaiian for Black-Necked Stilt). I did, however, get a feeling of Ha'aha'a (love that word), of being a part of instead of separate from nature.

I also learned from a mistake. I reset my camera back to original settings the day before and forgot to switch my camera back to raw so all my files were JPEGs. I am getting better at checking all my settings before I start shooting, but not perfect!