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Parting Shot, Somewhere Over Alaska

D84_AirplaneClouds If possible, I always take the isle seat in an airplane. I'm a "space" person and on an airplane, the isle is about as much space as you are allowed to claim. However, on our flight to Alaska I had serious window seat envy as the window person (if they happened to have their window shade open) had an amazing view of all the mountains and glaciers in Canada and Alaska. So, for the flight out of Alaska, I told my kids to move over because I had dibs on the window. It was worth the claustrophobia. I took a lot of photos of glacial moraines, lakes, mountains, etc. But my favorite was this one. At this random moment, the entire airplane was a shadow in the cloud with a rainbow halo. It was brief, but I got it.

This is my last blog photo of Alaska. I have many more photos, many of them taken on my waterproof, drop-proof snapshot camera. It was often raining in Alaska, so waterproof was essential. I will post an album of our entire trip on Facebook soon.