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Mushroom Mania, Girdwood

D79_Mushroom This one is for Professor Bob whose Photographing Nature class got me started back on the photography path. Each week we'd have a theme, for example, cactus, flowers, trees, water, and fungi. The week we had fungi, I thought to myself, I don't want to go take pictures of mushrooms. I don't even like mushrooms. But the point was to "see" things that you would not normally pay attention to. Now, look at me. I'm slamming on my bike brakes on vacation to stop and take a photo of this amazing mushroom that just happened to be on the trail! So, there you have it Bob. Your class did make me see differently.

I tried to figure out what this mushroom is called and came up with Amanita Muscaria. I may be wrong, but at least I made an attempt.