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Harding Ice Field Trail, Kenai Peninsula

D76_HardingHikers I'm not usually a favorites kind of person, you know, what's your favorite color, movie, book, etc.? I like a lot of colors, movies and books. Really, do I need a favorite? However, on our trip to Alaska, I had a favorite day and it was definitely the hike along the Harding Ice Field Trail. It was a 4 mile hike up to the ice field with panoramic views of the valley floor and the edge of Exit Glacier and lots of different terrain as we also climbed 4000 feet in 4 miles. We started out in a rainy, misty kind of day and that was how we experienced most of the climb. When we reached the top it was pretty cloudy and overcast but we waited for about 20-30 minutes and we got lucky because the sun came out on the ice fields. It was spectacular. We took photos and relaxed a little before we headed back down. My knees were killing me, but it was so worth it. Leo had turned around at about 2.5 miles. When we got to the bottom, he was waiting there with an apron on and cold towels for the hikers. Priceless. More pictures from this trail to follow.