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Willet, Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge

D11_Willet The Willet is a rather non-descript brownish bird when standing on the shore, but when it flies it has a striking brown and white wing pattern. It seems many birds that are much more interesting when flying. I took a bunch of pictures attempting to get this bird in flight and they were all too blurry to pass my muster except this one. I was so annoyed about all my out of focus pictures that I was forced to RTFM. Come to find out, on my new camera, continuous AF (C-AF) is not the right focus mode to use on a moving bird. I should of been using continuous AF plus tracking (C-AF+TR) so that the camera will track and MAINTAIN focus on the subject. Yes, that does make sense. So, basically, this was a lucky shot (and not up to my normal standards anyway because the wing is cut off), but I learned a valuable lesson from this bird.

By the way, all those brown specks on the water are bugs. I had no idea they were there until I looked at my pictures.