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Nice Plumage, Baylands

pheasant Taking photos at the Baylands has inspired me to learn more about birds and to start to identify them. I purchased my first ever National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America and it arrived yesterday. I know what you are thinking, Bird Nerd. Ha Ha. Not quite yet. I made Mark watch a birding movie with me last night called The Big Year. For the uninitiated, a big year is an informal competition among birders to see who can see or hear the largest number of species of birds within a single calendar year and within a specific geographical area, for example, a single US state or a Canadian Provence. I have not made this leap yet, but who knows?!

According to my handy bird guide, this lovely fellow is a Ring-necked Pheasant (see the white neck ring). I got the shot from a car window by sheer luck.